Robin Mann spent some 15 years in the Art Industry - from owning and running contemporary gallery spaces to producing museum shows; latterly curating commercial exhibitions, whilst designing and writing artist books alongside contributions to several publications, as well as advising artists and conducting private sales. 

With an art history training paving the way to work within an ever changing visual landscape of exchange, it was only natural that a keen interest in horology spawned another form of collecting - Watches and Art, are after all, one and the same.

As any collector (in any field for that matter) will know, collecting can become compulsive, and a pervasive insatiability seems to take over. There comes a time when the old saying "you can only drive one car, or wear one watch at a time" seems to wane in its veracity - M.A.T is a case study of a passionate collector sharing the thrill of the hunt. All the watches available have had their time in the aforementioned collection, and now sit encased in foam, boxed, primed and (generally) serviced, ready to keep seconds for the next discerning custodian.

Mann About Time is proud to be the inaugural and exclusive supplier of Vintage Watches available for sale at the iconic London institution: Fortnum & Mason - a curated and constantly updated selection of watches are available to purchase on the third floor in the Menswear & Accessories department. 

If you're interested in either buying or selling your watch, do contact Mann About Time - specialising in Vintage Omega, Rolex, and other fine and collectable watches.