(Image Courtesy Ryan Guinn)

 Mann About Time is a London based vintage watch specialist, with a particular focus on Mid-Century Omega, Rolex, sports and chronograph pieces.

Founder Robin Mann spent over 15 years in the Art Industry – first running a renowned Soho gallery, moving on to a position as Creative Director in a Shoreditch space, before ultimately opening a gallery with his partner. A period producing museum exhibitions and design consultant followed, all the while writing artist books and contributing to several publications, as well as advising young artists and conducting private sales. 
It was collecting mechanical watches though, that had provided a ubiquitous respite from the arts, and one that saw a personal collection grow and evolve - Watches and Art, are after all, one and the same.
Mann About Time is a case study of an ardent collector with a fundamental purpose: to curate an evolving selection of watches from when design, craft and skill really mattered – all the while preserving these moments in history that bear the evidence of a life-lived. Whether it’s a tropicalized dial once black now brown, or the military inscription of a first Pilot owner, these are some of the hallmarks that make vintage watches truly unique.
All the wristwatches available have had their due time in the aforementioned collection - and now, are ready to keep seconds for the next discerning custodian.


If you're interested in either BUYINGSELLING, or SOURCING a particular watch, contact Mann About Time - specialising in Vintage Omega, Rolex, and other fine and collectable watches from the 1930s to 1980s.