OMEGA Ref 33.3 Chronograph (1940)

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There are a few "Grail" watches amongst collectors of Omega watches - the 33.3 chronograph is one such piece.

Oversized "Jumbo" 38 mm case with olive shaped pushers

Factory original dial with stunning naturally aged patina and blue steeled hands

20 mm lugs

Case ref 9554726

Calibre 33.3

Movement serial number 9385248 dates this watch to 1940

The missing blocking lever (Omega part 170.026) is reflected in the price - however all  chronograph settings (stop, start, reset) are fully functional, and the watch keeps excellent time

This watch comes with Omega wooden presentation box, brand new leather strap, and is in full working order having been inspected by our watchmaker - as GRAIL watches go, this is certainly one, and rare to find one in such original and unmolested condition